Intermediate Python and Learn-What-You-Like

Alisdair Tullo will be holding several new programming courses from later this month. If you’re interested, please see the links below:

Intermediate Python

  • For those who have completed a Python course for beginners or written a Python program for themselves before
  • Looks at a range of topics such as text analysis, plotting, and working with numerical and tabular data
  • Wednesdays (9:00-10:50) starting 26th January in Lister Center 1.16
  • Details and booking:

Computer Programming Learn-What-You-Like

  • For tutor-supported self-study
  • Choose from a range of suggestions or find your own programming materials to study. We’ll be there when you need help!
  • Recommendations are available for everyone from complete beginners to experienced programmers.
  • Fridays (9:00-10:50) starting 28th January in Appleton Tower 4.02
  • Details and booking: