Learning RStudio and SPSS

The University of Edinburgh has a staff and student subscription to Lynda.com, a site with many video courses on how to use software more effectively and acquire new skills.  It’s well worth linking your EASE account and having a look around.

With dissertation deadlines drawing closer, there are many MSc students who are approaching software like RStudio or SPSS for the first time.   For these students, the following courses might be of interest. They cover program installation, data entry and manipulation, basic statistical analysis and chart production.

R Statistics Essential Training (6 hours)

SPSS Statistics Essential Training (5 hours)

I’ll admit that I haven’t watched these particular courses myself just yet, but I have always found Lynda.com videos to be an excellent way to get comfortable with new software as quickly as possible.  You can even install the app on your phone and watch videos on the bus or in bed.  Just as with YouTube, there’s a function to speed things up — 1.25x and even 1.5x usually work quite well.