Writing retreat: April 24th 9:00-17:00

Need a quiet place to work? Our writing retreat provides space for writing without distractions. That’s right: no talkative roommates who finished last week and no piped music blaring out of speakers in a café. Instead, you’ll be working beside a handful of your peers in silence. We’ll order tea and coffee for groups of 12 or more. You’ll need to bring your own laptop and lunch.

NOTE: This particular retreat begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m.. You can sign up for the morning, the afternoon or the entire day, but when you sign up, you’re making a commitment to be there on time and leave at the break or at the end.


If you find that there are no spaces available, please sign up anyways. You’ll be put on a waiting list that we’ll use to arrange additional retreats.