Drop-in quantitative research help

students around a computerWe will be offering drop-in sessions on experiment design and statistics to MSc students in PPLS over the summer. These are intended to help you get over problems so you can finish your dissertations.

The main topics we can help you with are experimental design, data analysis/interpretation, model fitting and software (e.g., R). Writing-related questions are welcome, but they are probably better dealt with in a separate hour-long appointment so we can give your dissertation the time it deserves (see “Appointments” on this site).

While you should always consult your supervisor first about questions of what to do, our tutors can help you figure out how to do what you want to do. In other words, we’re troubleshooters.

At least two PhD tutors will be present at every session and no booking is required.   For our schedule, see “Drop-in” on this site.

Make sure to arrive early and bring your laptop (both for the session itself and so that you can work while you wait for a tutor).